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Your cryptocurrencies are safe with the ultimate multisignature wallets.

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Set a weekly or monthly amount, and, on the day of your choosing, CryptoSaver will instantly buy a crypto coin for you

Sell to be saved

Tell CryptoSaver that every time a buy gets you a certain percentage in earnings, it must sell your coin right away.

Sell best in 90 days

Instruct CryptoSaver to sell your digital coin at the best price recorded in the last 90 days (based on current price) with a minimum percentage gain of our choosing.

Buy best in 90 days

Count on CryptoSaver to automatically buy you a crypto coin when it’s at its best value in the last 90 days based on the latest price.

CryptoSaver Laptop and Mobile

⁕ You can set Automatic Orders and Buy Best in 90 Days bots only using USDT as a payment method

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Access your wallet, transaction history, market, and exchange on the go. It’s easy, fast, and secure. Be part of a digital future with CryptoSaver!

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Steadily invest in cryptocurrency based on data by scheduling buys on a weekly or monthly basis.

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Everything you need to trade, nothing to put you on hold. Choose an intuitive tool to get the best trading experience. 

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